About Us

We provide professional safety and security management services. Our  approach to risk management  is innovative and proven to work. We will better protect your assets, improve your loss/accident prevention & develop  more effective crisis management capabilities.

Our specialist areas are: 

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Loss/Fraud/Accident Prevention
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Physical Security Management
  • Investigations
  • Change Management
  • Operational Development
  • Emergency Management


Value Adds:

  1. Our Services: Confidential, reliable, professional and  highly effective.
  2. Our Principles: Provide impartial and competent services that deliver real results.
  3. Our Team: Customer focused,  knowledgeable , experienced & culturally aware.
  4. Our Assessments:  Detailed analysis, no one size fits all approach.
  5. Our Risk Treatment Planning: Practical,  implementable, bench-marked & cost effective.